The Rollright Fayre began it's life as a festival birthday party for friends, and it was so much fun that it's stuck around ever since. It just so happens that the friends involved were musicians, singers, DJs, chai wallahs, sound engineers, artists, film makers, marquee and stage owners, publicans and the exact mix of people that you might need to put on a festival - and so it seemed silly not to - and the Rollright Fayre was born. 

Roll right is now in its sixth year, and each year we've made it better than the year before, until it's become the eclectic mix of friends and fun that it is today. It might sound cheesy, but when you come to Rollright, you become part of Rollright - every person there is as important as any of the people behind the scenes - we all make it the smallest festival with the biggest heart. You may come a stranger, but you will leave a friend.